FULL SCREEN MODE is an air battle in the style of io. A great multiplayer shooter sends players into the world of fierce battles. Having chosen a nickname and one of the models of the aircraft, you find yourself in the heart of the fighting. The main task is to destroy the enemy and gain points to become a leader. But it should take into account some nuances.

First, half of the points that the opponent has, is added to the one who knocked it down. Secondly, your balls just as well are removed if your car crashed. Thirdly, there is the possibility of development and pumping. Gathering the boxes that remain after the pitted enemies, you can improve their characteristics.

Excellent multiplayer, with a carefully designed implementation. You can increase the speed, increase the armor, make up for the energy expended. The choice of vehicles is also diverse: a helicopter, a fighter, a storm trooper, a Goliath and stealth. Each of them has its own shortcomings and advantages.

You can change them even during the game process, if you have enough health. There is also one small secret that is hidden over the territory of Europe. In this area, a super-bonus periodically appears, which will allow you to dominate the map. Control: WASD keys or arrows to move, space for firing, Ctrl or Shift to use special ability, 1234 – upgrade.