FULL SCREEN MODE is a real-time strategy, in practice it can be considered an extension of the coolest Minimalistic design and classic rules: we extract resources, build buildings and units, and then attack opponents and defend ourselves.

The main task is to stay afloat all the time, to fight off aggressive neighbors and to launch preventive strikes from our side.

First of all, needs to build a headquarters. The building menu is at the bottom right.

In total 6 types of buildings can be constructed at the moment:

  • headquarters from which the construction of the base begins
  • factory - adds new types of units (combat)
  • house - increase the building limit
  • armory - upgrades
  • tower for protection
  • wall

Workers are the basic units in, whose main task is to extract resources. You can build them at the headquarters, for this you need to click on the headquarters, and then select the units to build. You can immediately call several units to build a row. As soon as the units are ready, we send them to extract resources. There are 3 types of resources: yellow, lilac and green.

After some development, you can build combat units. They are divided into stronger and faster.