A new and not at all usual gameplay is waiting in, where you will control an alien who collects diamonds on the playing field. This io game is very colorful and juicy. She won many players from all over the world with her simplicity and beautiful graphics. Here you need to collect as many diamonds as possible scattered around. But this is not very simple, since they are surrounded by bombs that explode when they collide.

After each explosion, you take away a part of life. Still, these bombs are moving, because of what you need to be very cautious approach them, so as not to collide.

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The meaning of is to collect a lot of diamonds, and by this you occupy a place of honor in this io game. In addition, you on the right have a list of the best players that you need to reach and overtake. Strive and you will succeed!


Like this game, but you do not know how to play correctly? After watching the video you will understand the meaning and rules of, because it is better to see once than hear or read a hundred times. Here you will control bomb, which will have to explode on the game map. It is implemented as a mined field where you need to click the computer mouse to make bombs active. The overall picture is displayed in dark tones, which is combined with its style.