FULL SCREEN MODE is a good clone of Limaxio. Simplified to the very basis of the game. It remains only to eat color points for the masses and fight with other players. For the latter, there is a mini-map in the subject, on which all players are marked.

The battle task here is to break out into the Top and hold the position of the leader. To do this, you need to absorb the colored mass points on the map and take a mass of killed players.

When you accelerate, you lose weight. She remains behind you in the form of a tail, which holds for a second, then disappears. But while it is there, other players can crash into it and crash. The remaining mass after them can be absorbed. And even the biggest player can die if it hits the tail of the smallest player.

It's a game of skill and tact. With the help of the map it's easy to navigate in the position on the playing field, avoid dangers and attack only when you decide to do it.