This game is a strategy in which you need to create an army to capture enemy castles. The army in is created gradually, you need to score first many points. The task here is to preserve our territory, and not let the enemy destroy it. For the game you need skills that will come with time.

Play with the mind in order to defeat the enemy. Use hot keys from 1 to 8. At the bottom of the screen there are menus that you need to learn how to use. Understand it, and then click on the desired buttons.

Your rivals in will be players from all over the planet, since this is a network io game. It is necessary to create a powerful army, in order to win. Perhaps you need to team up with friends to make it easier to fight. It is always easier to conquer foreign castles. Build the towers on which your wars will be. From the heights it is better to hit the enemies. Take the first place in this game!