A strategic online io game in which a player must build his own base. To do this, in, you need to extract resources, such as gold, elixir and precious crystals.

At the beginning of the game, you find several of your buildings on a vast territory, where in the future it is possible to build the largest and most powerful base. Start with the buildings of several buildings where your workers will live. Then you can build a gold mine, an elixir factory and even barracks where you can train soldiers.

By the development of your city, in you need to attack enemy bases to capture a new territory. Train the necessary number of soldiers and go into battle. Winning in battles, you will earn a lot of gold and elixir, which will give you the opportunity to build and improve your buildings as quickly as possible. Do not forget about protecting your city, enemies can attack you at any moment. Build fortification walls, automatic machine guns and rocket launchers to always have a chance to protect their buildings. The great throne is waiting for its defender.