Everyone has different entertainments, someone likes to play toy cars, someone likes to destroy real cars. The protagonist of is an extreme racer. At some point, he was so bored that he decided to do something even more risky than riding at great speeds on the tracks. One friend advised trying to enroll in the arena, where the main goal is to win not over rivals, but over cars. The guy became interested and soon already with might and main participated in such unusual games. Proceed to a long race, the ultimate goal of which is the destruction of all machines.

Game takes you to a world where there are amazing machines. Their possibilities are simply unreal, they want to rush forward at full speed and destroy everything in their path.

At the beginning of the game you will have the weakest machine, on it you will drive. In the game, only 5 cars, which open as the game progresses. In each race you will have a limited amount of fuel, which you will not go far, but if you do at least one trick you will earn nitro. With the help of nitro your car will be carried forward, and the fuel reserve will not be consumed during the action of nitro.

The further you pass, the more money you earn and the sooner you can buy a new car. It would seem that everything is simple, but not everyone can master such amazing machines skillfully. Pump all the bonuses to the maximum and enjoy the ride of these cars. Good luck!