FULL SCREEN MODE at first glance is similar to the game of capturing territory, but this may seem only at first glance. Already after five minutes of the game it becomes clear that we have an original and fresh idea. The main task in Egglio is to make your bird’s perch as rich as possible. For this you need to do two things. First, collect the seeds; every grain taken will add an egg to your roost. Secondly, you need to defend your roost from birds that can peck your eggs.

You may notice that inside your color circle (your defensive zone) your bird becomes red and its speed is significantly increased. If you overtake another bird in your circle, then you will kill it.

The size of the protective circle depends on the number of eggs in the nest. The more eggs, the larger the circle. It is very convenient when new seeds appear inside your circle. However, such an event is more likely an accident. In order for your roost to grow, you need, on the one hand, to get out of the grains, on the other – to be on the alert all the time and keep up with enemies who want to destroy your fragile treasury.

When someone is close to your nest, a warning exclamation mark on your birdie. It is noteworthy that you do not get any bonuses for destroying another’s nest. From the fact that you pecked the eggs of another bird, you did not arrive in your regiment, so it’s important to remind yourself that the main task in is to collect the seeds for growth and to protect the nest if necessary.