FULL SCREEN MODE is elementary, but with its charm game where players hunt animals and each other to take a place on tops of the Top sheet. The main task of the player to get into the Top. To do this, you must first hunt animals. They do not give change, and after their death they leave peas of experience.

Collecting these peas in the plant in the level, get a new weapon. Join the battle with players who have better weapons than yours is very dangerous, so you have to constantly swing on mobs.

Despite the strange drawing and character movements, has its own chic. Periodically, a strong mix is organized among the players, which should be avoided, because the blows are pouring from all sides. In such a massacre, you can die even with the most powerful weapon. The huge blue circles on the map are lakes, the speed of movement in which is much lower than on land. The character moves behind the cursor, click to shoot, right click to accelerate.