FULL SCREEN MODE is all your favorite tanks, the glory of which will never fade. The main difference between this battle is that it can last indefinitely, and everyone can take part in this mass slaughter. Here, nobody restricts anything, you can pump your car, fight with rivals and organize coalitions.

After registration, many additional options will be available. Attack here can only be for coins, which can be found on the card itself, to earn, killing enemies, destroying their bases. In addition to real players in the bout, blue and red bots are involved. They differ in strength and power, but you can enter into battle with them only if you have properly strengthened. There is also a yellow ambulance that can add health.

You need to play actively, without stopping for a long time. This is an eternal battle that drags on and does not give you a chance to stop halfway to victory. Controls: WASD - move, click - shoot, 1-6 select the item, Z / X / C / V / B - select weapon and build.