Around there was chaos and lawlessness. In Ipik.io began to fight each other to the death. But there remained a group of people who fought for peace and tranquility. They managed to find the secret gate and open them.

Behind them lay an unusual and mysterious underground laboratory. And now, to prevent an abnormal catastrophe and save humanity, the rescue team needs to enter a secret code into the terminal of the collider. Now it remains only to get to him. But it will not be easy.

After the chemical war, the overwhelming majority of the world’s population turned into living dead. The rest are on the side of evil. In the Ipik.io game, you will go by car with a cannon right on the roof. During the skirmish with the enemy gun will shoot at the nearest target.

You can just leave your enemies under your wheels. Closely monitor the condition of the machine and the tank. Pick up all the bonuses in the way and will then refuel and improve your health. But for the money that you earn, you can buy a special booster or improve the performance of your combat vehicle. Good luck!