You will play with friends in a fun io game, throwing bananas at each other and putting bombs. Try to survive the longest. For this you need to collect weapons and first-aid kits. Weapons in switch with the keys 1 – 5. Do not forget to dodge the shells of other players, using acceleration.

The terrain on which you will move is thrown with various trifles. You need to collect peel from bananas, asterisks of ninjas and arrows. Without them, it will be difficult to win and earn an honorable first place.

At the bottom of the game screen, you will see a map, it will help you navigate the terrain. Beware of vampires that will sometimes appear and in case you do not have time to escape, they will kill you. When vampires draw near to you, then around the personage begins to appear a dark circle, which means darkness. You need to avoid this, and get back into the light.

WASD – to move. Spacebar for acceleration. Buttons 1 – 5 switch weapons. Left click to shoot.