FULL SCREEN MODE is a true celebration for fans of the world chess game. Here, and rating games, and the community of players, and everyday tasks! The main task in chess is to place the enemy king in a situation in which he can not escape the attack in any way. The most interesting situation for a player is when the opponent is equal or slightly higher in skill level. It was necessary to go to special clubs to play with the same chess fans, but it became easier with the Internet.

A special joy is that project was created by volunteers for private investments. This means that there is no distracting advertising, membership fees or other fees or conditions. After registering in the system, you become a full-fledged member of the community!

In, all possible types of chess games are available, including quite interesting developments. So, there are kinds of games where players are given only 2 minutes on the moves, and if the time runs out, then you lose. But for each taken figure of the opponent you are added a few seconds depending on the value of the figure. There are tasks that you can solve, training videos and tips, simultaneous games and the ability to watch the game of masters. This gaming application has the option to create their own games and even whole tournaments! In general, a real world, conducive to development and joy!