FULL SCREEN MODE is a shooter with robots in the title role. You need to collect materials to develop your robot and become the most powerful on the map!

The main task is to become the most powerful robot on the map. For this you need to collect materials. And you can collect them in two ways. The first way is to take materials with the body of your robot. The second way is to shoot them.

Conventional square boxes of materials are taken without any harm. But things like round mines when they break in and reduce your health. So it’s better to take them by shooting at them. It is necessary to take them, because they are given the most materials for them!

Click the UPGRADE button in the left corner and you will see three possible upgrades of your robot. Once you collect the required amount of materials for the upgrade, the button in becomes available. For each improvement there is a limit value; eternally improve will not work.

Do not go beyond the red line! Your bot is waiting for premature instant death without any explanation.