The game invites us to participate in the race on various types of transport. differs smoothness, great performance and the ability to create your own tracks! The task is to drive 3 circles as fast as possible.

You can go to the already created game room, and you can make your own. You can expect other players, and you can fill the room with bots and drive along with them. Or make yourself a trip alone – all of your choice.

There are no accelerations, special skills in The outcome of the race decides solely how well you will manage the car that you have chosen. There is a difference in the machines themselves: some more powerful but less manageable and vice versa. And yet – you can not cut your path. If you cut somewhere, the game writes “Wrong way” and marks a red dot where you did not pass. It is necessary to return and drive the specified section of the road.

A pleasant game, very relaxing, will please those who like to drive on tracks, and those who just want to relax and throw off the tension.