This is a war with zombies and not only. In, you have to save only yourself, since the fighters who did not have time to turn into zombies are also dangerous. They act every man for himself, not believing anyone. Perhaps your character is already infected and you are also a danger.

You have a gun in your hand that needs to shoot at enemies. The speed of the shot can be adjusted in the game settings. It’s also possible to set the speed of approaching a zombie to your character.

Everything happens in the city at night. Therefore, is made in dark colors. Players are infected to the full and ready to fight for their lives. They destroy everyone in their path. Stay in this io game should only be one, the strongest and most persistent person. To shoot weapons, you need to press the left mouse button. In the same way, you specify the direction of the sight in the place you want to hit. For movement, use the arrows on the keyboard.