Zombies are coming, and you in must destroy them all, so that the virus does not spread all over the planet. All actions will take place at night, in total darkness, but you have a flashlight in your hands, which you can highlight and determine the place where you are, as well as discover the zombies in time.

In the game you need to be very careful and quiet, as the dead react to the sound. When you do nothing, and just stand still, for enemies you will remain invisible, unless they accidentally run in your direction. If suddenly this happens, use your fist or rifle that can be found in boxes lying around you on the floor. Also in them you can find first aid kits and bonuses.

All players will fight only with zombies, they will not create danger for you. We recommend finding yourself a companion and defend yourself together, so you and your partner will have more chances to stay alive and destroy all the evil spirits that dwell in this dark city.