Advanced combat io game will please all fans of good shooting. It will be necessary not only to shoot each other, but also to use the combat skills of the ninja. The main task in Ninjaio is to fill as many as possible Frags per round to become a winner. At the end of the round, it will be announced who became the king of the card, after which a new round will begin. But in order to achieve the desired goal, you need to learn how to use the whole arsenal of tricks that a ninja can do!

In addition to the regime, every man for himself in the game has a mode of “Capture the flag.” Here during the round you need to bring as many of your opponent’s flags to your base. The game begins with the fact that you need to choose weapons: basic and secondary. In addition, all the warriors have in stock three shuriken, which are released on button E and which are replenished only after a new birth. These shuriken inflict serious damage on the opponent, and after they fall to the ground they are dangerous for a long time even for the one who launched them. is not only advanced graphics, but physics. Here you can squat, why the accuracy of your shots will increase. Still, it is possible to lay down. The shooting is very precise, and it can also be used as a disguise for a corpse. Of course, every ninja can fly, but remember that during the flight you are in the most vulnerable position, besides brightly shining, attracting the attention of opponents.