This is not an easy IO game. The developer of trolling players Orbitwar.io immediately: try, says, score 100 points and survive for 2 minutes!
The main task is to collect as many frags as possible, make your way to the Top and lead it.

This is not easy, because the ship does not have much health, it flies quickly, and around these asteroids! They are indestructible, but with shots you can push them away from yourself.

With other ships in Orbitwar.io, you also need to be more careful. Going for rapprochement, there is a danger of crashing into each other. Coupled with the difficult management, you can do it for a couple of times. Control is the same: the ship only moves forward. You can adjust the rate with the mouse cursor.

What’s really cool is that you can enter your own and clan name right away, and many types of ships are available for free and without any additional user action.