The task at is quite simple, you need to collect coins, bonus tokens and avoid bombs. Birds fly by themselves, we need only to direct their flight. The game has two modes: single and duel. During a single mode, we go through different levels of complexity, trying to move as far as possible.

Paper wings will constantly surprise us with the complexities and zest in the passage, and our task is not to miss a single coin at the bottom of the water level. Even in the water we can catch it, but as soon as it touches the edge of the screen – everything, the game is over. So the game is over, if you grabbed a bomb.

For the coins earned in both modes, you can buy new birds with improved skills such as extended bonuses. One of the masterpieces of the game world, in which just play it Paperwings. In addition, each bird has a description with an indication on the map where it lives and what the current state of affairs is for this species.

In single mode there are also several mods: classic in levels, for a while, a mode of flying for your own pleasure and a dangerous mode where you will not need to collect coins but only to dodge danger and get paid for it. Dueling involves a companionable competition with another player. In this case, during the competition, not only bonuses that are positive for themselves will fall out, but also those that disorient and deprive the opponent of equilibrium. You can also collide with each other, knocking out coins and knocking the opponent off.