Pixelz.io is a multiplayer online drawing game with pixels. Everyone and without registration can leave on the canvas of his game his message to mankind as well as to remove somebody's art.

The rules are very simple. The game does not pursue military objectives, purely sporting and creative interest. Every three seconds you can paint one pixel on the field with the color taken from the palette at the bottom of the screen. Paint an alien pixel is 15 seconds of time. So if you want to create your own art, then maybe you should choose unoccupied areas of space.

The toolbox of Pixelz.io, although simple, but there is the most necessary. In the lower left corner you see your coordinates. If you team up with a friend to draw together, you can tell him your coordinates to quickly find each other. To do this, press the “Copy” button and drop it to a friend. He will follow the copied link, and he will see the same window as you.

This drawer differs from others in that the speed of sketching the pixels here is reduced to a minimum. So you can create your own drawings, not expecting too much when you can insert another pixel. A zoom wheel will help you see how your picture fits into the general plot and the atmosphere of the surrounding space.