Finally, all fans of billiards can test their skills in the virtual Pockey.io game, where you can test your abilities and learn new.

Unfortunately, only a few can afford to buy a pool table. The equipment for this entertainment is not worth the small money, only one table can cost thousands, and take into account that billiard tables are made not only from wood plates, but also from granite, then delivering such a table and installing will cost just huge money. Therefore, the developers decided to please all the fans of this game and provided an opportunity to virtually compete with real players from around the world, those who can not purchase all the attributes of this game for the opportunity to play at home.

It's worth saying that the programmers got pretty good, look at the graphics, soundtracks, physics Pockey.io, all at a high level, for sure the developers themselves are fans of this sport.

As is known in the world of billiards, there are so many varieties of this game, so first decide what rules you will play, then arm yourself with a special stick called cue and start hammering balls into the pocket, but first read the rules of the game so that you can not score red inadvertently ball.