In Raaaft.io game, you begin your mission on a raft, on which there is practically nothing. You only have an oar that needs to row to the shore, a few pieces of wood, a couple of stones and a bottle of drinking water. You were shipwrecked, and no one else was left. The first rule is the need to survive to not become food for sharks in the ocean.

In this game rowing with a paddle to the shore to collect different resources for life. First of all, you need to monitor the two indicators at the bottom of the screen. The first one indicates the water level, which must always be maintained. The second indicator is responsible for the level of food. If it so happens that one of the indicators has fallen to zero, then you will start to climb life and your character will be able to die.

In order to obtain drinking water in Raaaft.io, you need to collect the stones for the filter and clean it up to full transparency. You can get food in the ocean with a fishing rod, which must first be made of wood. After you have a catch, you can cook it at the stake, then the food will be tastier and more useful. There are still important moments in the game that you need to learn and learn how to use them correctly. In case of injury to your character, you need to use a medical plaster to stop bleeding, and raise the standard of living.

Extract various resources, hunt animals, go fishing and do everything possible to make your living conditions better than at the beginning. This is the continuation of the famous Mope.io game. Maybe you will not always succeed, but you do not need to give up. Imagine that the character in Raaaft.io is you, who got into such a difficult situation. Do you let him die of hunger and thirst?