FULL SCREEN MODE is a three-dimensional battle of robots. We are already familiar with the situation when 4 teams start in different corners of the map and fight for the championship. This time we have an awesome battle!

The task before the players is very clear. There are 4 teams and a few minutes to identify the winner among the teams. In addition, players gain experience gradually, for which you can buy improvements for your robot. As a result, it’s important for the victory that you not only smash other bots, but do not die too, so as not to give victory points to your opponents.

Points are earned in two ways: capture control points and destroy other bots. To capture a control point, you need to stand on it until the circle of loading is filled with the color of your team. In the destruction of other bots there are features. is a very physically realistic game. If you hit the opponent in the legs, then his armor falls off his feet and so on all over the body. During shooting, you can shoot your opponent hands and arms with them, depriving him of the opportunity to defend himself. In each of the 4 corners of the map there is a booth where you can completely restore your robot.

Bots have 2 built-in boosters: a spurt activated by a space and a shield that filters a large percentage of damage, and when upgraded, it can also drop bombs and missiles in the opponent’s direction. WASD for movement, left and right click to shoot left and right weapons, E to change weapons, space to make a dash, a shift to turn on the shield, B to open / close the store menu.