This game offers a fight between the Humans and the Cockroaches. First you need to select the side for which you will play in, and then achieve victory! The main task is very non-trivial. Despite the fact that here is the battle of Humans and Cockroaches, the goal is to score 20,000 points. After that, you become a ghost and you can terrorize others without any danger to yourself. Being a Ghost you are invisible, but you can be attacked and you will be vulnerable to attack, but you can not die from it. You die only when someone else becomes a ghost.

While you did not score 20,000 points in, you need to eat and fight with enemies a lot. Food is needed to carry out attacks. And if you are a Man, then for every second of the spray, you remove the glasses of food. But they will be filled, if you hit the target, or even better in many goals.

When you play for Cockroaches, then you have the advantage of speed and secrecy. While you are still not particularly huge, you can hide under things scattered here and there. The spray will not be terrible for you, but from under the things you can make sudden attacks on People.

Apparently, the developers of believe that people will play harder for people and therefore introduced an additional skill for Reduction, which became the Man. A normal cast can only turn off the lights in the entire room and turn it on as you see fit. A person can also send an earthquake to the inhabitants of the room. Ghost skills do not take points, but after use they require some recharge time.