In this shooter you will control the egg. A very interesting idea game will surprise you. There are many containers on the map, behind which you can hide. Take care that no one is there, otherwise you can be killed. Find a secluded place and wait for your target.

Do not stick yourself out into the center of the playing field, because there are a lot of armed eggs in the game. You can shoot with a pistol and machine gun. To reload, press E.

The egg can withstand several hits from the weapon. If you are under shelling in, and the shell burst, then the game begins again. Here you can jump, run and shoot. You will play with players from all over the world. Top of the screen is a list of the best players. To get to the first place of this game will not be easy, especially if you play yourself. Create a team of eggs, and then you can win. This is a team game. We wish you to be a champion!