Ready to go to conquer the infinite space? And to fight with numerous and well-prepared rivals for such clashes? You still need to take in under your command a small detachment of maneuverable fast spaceships. And before that, enter your nickname and select the appropriate server, as it always does in multiplayer games. And do not worry that all spacecraft turned out to be like neon-illuminated triangles, they will be able to demonstrate their capabilities and provide you with exciting adventures in space.

How to play?

For the command, you need to select a color. Prepare to start with just a few starships, but surprisingly light and fast. Gradually, you increase their size, but this will affect the maneuverability and speed for the worse. To turn a link into a full-fledged squad will have to earn a certain number of points.

Spacemen have increased, the energy reserves will have to be increased longer, but the range of fire and the power of combat charges will increase. Replenish the composition can be shooting colored figures. Beware, the enemies also make money on the downed ships!