Sky of Dragons

Sky of Dragons game provides you with a unique opportunity to control a combat dragon to go together to battle with the terrible monsters that invaded your kingdom, violating the peaceful rhythm of his life. Your opponent is very serious and capable of giving a very substantial rebuff, magic and brute physical force are used.

While flying in, be extremely careful not to approach the enemy too close. After the destruction of the next enemy, do not rush to leave the battlefield, get additional bonuses, you can, collecting gold coins and bullions appearing almost from nowhere, and also first-aid kits.

The dragon can fly very high. In the Sky of Dragons game you can check how your dragon flies. The journey will be very special and interesting. Your character will be able to fly in the sky, he will need to mimic large mountains, as well as fireballs that will occasionally appear. An important task is to destroy the eagles, which will also fly out from behind the mountains. You have to make them fall to the ground. Try not to lose the life of your dragon, otherwise you will have to start the game from the very beginning.