Do you want to get true pleasure from a quality, beautiful, but extremely simple game? Play without registration, and get a charge of pleasure, positive and good mood for a long time! Incredibly simple, but very high-quality menu will conquer all, even your children, the interface will surprise you with originality, the plot will surprise with a variety.

See a parallel with the magical world of, and just imagine that the gnomes multiply very quickly. This can not be tolerated, they must be stopped, and this can only be done with a hammer. In the presented game, you need to break gnomes by hitting them with a hammer, but your opponents are different, in order to destroy some, you need to inflict several blows, others have a defense system that you need to get around.

We all know how important this is, to have an opportunity to be interesting, and to use your free time for yourself. Currently, we are surrounded by a huge variety of casual games, various genres. And although it is difficult to choose exactly what suits you, you were lucky, as you came across a really worthy representative of the io category.