This is the well-known and beloved game in which you can play online as one player and two at once. Welcome to a simple and at the same time challenging table football tournament. Do you know what the rules are? You must control your team player.

The ball rolls out to the middle of the football field and at this point both opponents start a desperate fight for the ball. You will be an unusual football field. You need to drive the ball into the goal in another part of the field. Must score several goals with a few strokes avoiding all obstacles. For each victory you will receive a champion’s cup and prize points.

The purpose of exactly copies the real game. You must score as many goals as possible in the opponent’s goal. The player who first scores the opponent with 5 goals wins the current game. In table football you can play as yourself and pass levels, and hold friendly matches with one of your best friends. Are you ready to stretch your legs a little, and with them the brain? Now we invite you to play Soccerballio. Here you will have to demonstrate your sporting and logical abilities.