This time, we present to Spinzio, where players enter the field, through which many players move in the form of a spinner. Spinners still remain one of the most popular amusements to date, so the developers of a variety of games could not fail to take this fact into account.

If you want to grow to the maximum size, then collect as many colored points, then there are chances in the future with ease to defeat any player.

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It is necessary to turn the spinner on a special field Spinzio, dotted with small dots, collecting energy with them. The more you accumulate it, the faster you grow. Accuracy is desirable to comply, because one careless movement and you can crash into some obstacle, which will lead to the fact that the spinner will fly in all directions.

If, however, something similar happened, then collect the lost energy with the highest possible speed, otherwise other players will try to assemble. Strive to reach the rating of the best spinners, to light up in the leaderboard, which consists of 10 participants, but be prepared for someone to try to dislodge you from the pedestal.


Like this game, but you do not know how to play correctly? After watching the video you will understand the meaning and rules of Spinzio, because it is better to see once than hear or read a hundred times. Here you will control spinner, which will have to rotate on the game map. It is implemented as a cell where you need to click the computer mouse to make hit active. The overall picture is displayed in light tones, which is combined with its style.