When you play online in, you will not have any firearms or heavy military equipment. Now you need to control your hero and show your own character. You need to collect as many stars and destroy your enemies by jumping on their heads. After all, how nice it will be to land directly on your opponent or just push it. Try it and you will definitely like it.

Have you ever wanted to reach the stars? Then welcome, here you have to do this, and in the most direct sense. In this case, you can either just collect the stars that are on the map, and jump on other players – they then turn into a starry placer. Stompedio game is very interesting and fun, but you have to make sure nobody jumps on you. Otherwise, you will become a star dust yourself. The most acceptable tactic is the collection of stars and defense from those who decided to crush you.

Fight with real opponents in an exciting multiplayer game. Jump from platform to platform, collect stars and jump on the head of your rivals to destroy other players. Have fun and try to take a high place in the ranking.