Introducing a new multiplayer Swordz.io game. It is perfect for those players who are willing to test their strength in the fight against dozens of other players. Nothing special about this game is different, as in most multiplayer applications from io games, the main thing here is to destroy as many opponents as possible and earn the maximum possible number of balls.

Your character in Swordzio is an iron chisel with a blue handle. The main task of the player is to hit with his sword the maximum possible number of rivals and take away their experience.

Play Full screen

You need to play with the help of both a computer mouse and arrows on the keyboard. The mouse is responsible for the movement, the arrows for the turns and strikes. In addition to opponents, a few points bring red points, which are densely scattered around the playing field.


Like this game, but you do not know how to play correctly? After watching the video you will understand the meaning and rules of Swordz.io, because it is better to see once than hear or read a hundred times. Here you will control baseball player, which will have to kick on the game map. It is implemented as a stadium where you need to click the computer mouse to make baseball bat active. The overall picture is displayed in orange tones, which is combined with its style.