This is a space shooter and strategy in one. It will be necessary in to collect and sell resources to improve your ship, buy the best equipment and weapons, and then lead your team to victory!

The task is to become the leader of the chosen Race: Earthlings or Aliens. In the Galaxy there are many space stations of both races, and you start on one of them. Initially, your task is to collect resources. For this, it is necessary to find asteroids on the map and shoot them. In the upper left corner there is a map of sectors, in the center of which are the Stations. Below is your Radar, which shows the points of asteroids. Your ship itself has arrows that indicate asteroids, its own and other’s ships.

Once you have filled the full repository with a resource (Ore), you need to fly to the Station and sell it. To enter the station, press Q. Use the same button to exit the Station menu. In the Shop tab, you can click the “Sell all” button and your resource is converted to $, which you can spend on buying a new ship, upgrades and weapons. All this will be necessary for a war with another race.

If you want to keep your achievements ships and money in, you need to register. In the future, the creators are planning a lot of innovations, a broad system of combat and so on. Meanwhile, to fight like this: the ship moves only forward and sideways.