Welcome to the world of wars and battles Warbot.io. This is a multi-user browser game where you can compete with gamers from around the world in real time. Ready to show everyone what you are capable of? Then, forward! The main goal of the game is to destroy the maximum number of enemy robots and climb to the top of the top sheet, but this will have to try.

During the game, beware of the pits and do not go beyond the limits of the map, otherwise you will perish. Initially, only one robot of the standard class will be available to you. At the beginning of the game he has standard characteristics, but as far as the leveling and enhancement of experience, your robot will receive certain bonuses. On the entire game card are scattered bonuses of different colors. Blue bonuses are protection, and red bonuses are an attack. Collect them, so as not to lower the characteristics of your robot.

Also, on the Warbot.io field you need to collect gold coins. Having saved a certain amount, you can buy a new more powerful and more powerful robot. Sometimes on the playing field, you will meet small robots. After the destruction, they throw out purple containers, which contain steep bonuses. This can be replenishment of stocks, masking, reducing shots, additional drones and their improvements.

Additional drones will fly over your robot and help him during fights with other players and will automatically destroy the mini robots with bonuses. There are different types of drones. After each battle, you will receive a reward in the form of gold. For every entrance to the playing field you have to lay out a hundred gold coins. Also, once in twenty-four hours, you can free to win the prize roulette.