Wreckit.io is a deadly fight! You need to break colored balls and other players to gain experience and modify their weapons. The main task is to head the hit parade of the players, overtaking all the others on points. Points give for the destroyed colored chips on the field and for the destruction of other players, of course!

Keep in mind that collisions with colored dots and other players not with weapons, but with the body, reduce your health. You will never break a point to the death, but you can easily be killed by another player when you have little life.

In the top center there is a line showing your experience. At a new level in Wreckit.io, improvements to your weapons become available to you. From the kind of upgrade you select first, the following enhancements depend. Each of the upgrades has its own merits, as well as its shortcomings. So explore everything!

In the center of game is a black hole. She does not kill. On the contrary, being in it, you slowly grow in glasses! But the black hole attracts both your character and your weapon. It can be said that this is a rather risky enterprise, because it becomes difficult to manage oneself in such a strong attraction.